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Bubble Dome provides a range of educational programs for children, aged 6 to 14 years old. Founded in 2000, Bubble Dome is operated across New Zealand and Australia.

As of 2015, Bubble Dome is operating under license by Future Genius Limited, headed by Neil Stephens. Our sister companies include Kidactive and Fine Young Artists.

Bubble Dome offers the following programmes in New Zealand and Australia.

School Holiday Courses

Every school holiday period Bubble Dome runs a range of school holiday workshops where computer learning is combined with lateral thinking problem solving activities. Topics covered include game development, movie making, architecture, graphics & web design and robotics. These courses are held Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. If you would like a workshop near you please contact our office.

After-school Workshops and Partner Holiday Courses

In Auckland, Bubble Dome runs after-school extension workshops and has provided excursions for the YMCA in New Zealand & Australia, Camp Australia and Youthtown. These workshops are very hands-on and have a science and technology focus. These can be tailored to your needs and to the subjects or curiculum you are following.

In-school Student Extension Workshops

Bubble Dome offers student extension workshops in schools for gifted and talented students, or those wanting to improve their lateral thinking. We have run these with Otahuhu Intermediate in technology, robotics and architecture. Please contact us if you are interested.


We have over 15 years of experience in providing incredibly fun, safe and educational school holiday experiences for kids of all ages.


How do I enrol a student in a Bubble Dome course?

The preferred method of enrolment is via the Bubble Dome website. However, if you are unable to make a booking via our website, or would prefer to speak to one of the team, please call us! 0800 438 282 (NZ) or 1800 11 55 62 (AU)

When do I have to pay for Bubble Dome courses?

Payment is taken at the time of booking whether you book online or over the phone. If you do not have access to a Visa or Mastercard then please call our office and we can provide details for a bank transfer. Please note we do not accept cash or cheque as payment.

Are you registered for Government subsidies?

We are registered for Ministry of subsidies at https://www.signes-chinois.com. If you have the Support Form please request an invoice upon booking your child in and bring the form along with you to registration on the first day. One of our representatives will happily sign this so you can attach the invoice and send to Ministry of Health for your reimbursement.

If you do not have the form in time for the class you can mail it to us or visit us during business hours. Please call our office for details.

We are not registered for OSCAR/WINZ, and therefore cannot assist with those subsidy claims.

Can I pay on the first day?

Unfortunately No. Bubble Dome tutors are unable to accept cash or cheque payment on behalf of Bubble Dome. In extenuating circumstances, we are able to accept credit card payment over the phone up until 9:00am on the first day of the course. Please call our office at least two business days prior to the course starting.

Does Future Genius/Bubble Dome offer any discounts on courses?

We generally do not offer discounts directly to customers but instead work with Schools and Organisations to support their fundraisers, fetes, galas and other celebrations. If you have received a gift certificate from these events or organisations you will need to call us or email us with a certificate code to receive the discount.

When do registrations close?

To guarantee a place on the course of your choice we recommend enrolling and paying at least one week prior to the end of the school term. Bookings may be made up until the course begins, however prompt bookings are preferred and we are unable to guarantee that there will be spaces available in your preferred course. Last minute bookings are processed manually so if you book the weekend before a course you will need to wait till next business day to receive more information.

What happens to my personal details once I register with Bubble Dome?

Your personal details only be used to contact you regarding Bubble Dome courses and will not be sold or shared with other companies. Bubble Dome does not retain credit card information after your payment has been processed. You may receive email notifications of upcoming Bubble Dome courses- please click on the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of the email if you would prefer to not receive notifications from Bubble Dome in the future.

During Bubble Dome courses, it is very important that your child's tutor has the correct contact details for the parent or caregiver who is responsible for your child during this time. This is to ensure that we are able to contact the correct person in the event that your child is unwell, or if they are not collected promptly at the end of the day.

Can students enrol in more than one course?

Students are unable to concurrently attend Bubble Dome courses that are scheduled at the same time. However, Bubble Dome courses are scheduled during both weeks of each term holidays (during the school year) and for several weeks during the summer holidays, and many students attend a different course each week.


Who will be teaching my child?

Bubble Dome tutors are registered teachers or other professionals with relevant qualifications, who have experience working with children and adolescents. We work with them closely to ensure they have the appropriate knowledge to work with the students and to extend them. These tutors have a recent Ministry of Justice Criminal Record Check (NZ) or a valid Working for Children's Check (WCC, AU).

What is the tutor to student ratio?

In the computer classes each student has their own computer and we are constantly monitoring our larger venues to ensure accurate student to teacher allocations. However in our larger classes we bring in extra tutors so that we have approximately a 1 tutor per 12 student ratio.

How are the days structured?

All courses begin at 9:00 am and finish at 3:00 pm, but students may be collected at 5:00 pm in which you will be charged a $29 fee. (Online booking should offer you this) If you wish to stay till 5pm then please note that the time between 3pm and 5pm is your child's free time. The tutor may have some tasks or games to keep them busy until pick up time. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon breaks are scheduled every day. Students are allowed to go to the toilet or drink water (from a sipper bottle) as needed.

As the majority of our courses are computer-based, we ensure the students have regular breaks throughout the day for fresh air and a run around outside. Free play during break times is supervised by tutors and takes place within a designated area near the classrooms. Students are not allowed to leave the designated play area, or to wander the school grounds.

What software do you use?

Most software is either browser-based or free, to ensure that students are able to download and continue using resources after the course, or to continue working on projects they started during a course. If a course is designated BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), hardware and software requirements will be listed on the course page on our website, and will also be included in the venue instructions that are emailed to parents and caregivers prior to Bubble Dome courses.

For some Bubble Dome courses (such as Minecraft), students will require a software licence, which should be purchased prior to the start of the course. Students will need to bring their login credentials (user name and password) to the course, in order to participate. Please be aware, that you will need to purchase a software licence that is specific to the device that the students will be using. Computer and digital device software licences are not interchangeable.

Will this appeal to my child who has a learning difficulty?

There is scope within Bubble Dome lesson plans to accommodate students with learning differences, please contact the office if you are interested in booking.

Does this cater to my child who requires extension?

As we have a number of returning students each holidays we are constantly offering new activities and content (where possible) to keep the learning experiences alive for all students. Students who have attended before or require extension will be grouped with fellow students so they can continue their learning at their own pace.

What do students need to bring with them to course?

Students will need to bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks. Unless the weather is unsuitable, students will spend part of each break outdoors, and will need to dress appropriately for the season. We also recommend sunscreen in the summer months. Students are welcome to bring along their own activities to enjoy during breaks (such as a ball, or playing cards), however this is at their own risk. Valuables, such as technology, should not be brought to the venue however if they do, this is at their own risk. Please have your child bring a USB memory stick so they can save work to take home.


What if my child has health needs/concerns?

It will be greatly appreciated that at the time of registration you provide us with any additional learning and/or health issues to aid us in providing the best possible environment for your child. If you have concerns which you wish to discuss with us in-depth please do not hesitate to contact our office directly.

Bubble Dome expects that students will be able to cope with a typical classroom environment. We define this as a space that contains multiple students, where students are expected to follow written and verbal instructions to perform activities under the guidance of a tutor. Students will receive individual feedback about their work from their tutor, however we are unable to provide continuous, one-on-one aid or supervision to individual students in Bubble Dome courses.

We expect that students will be able comply with instructions provided by their tutor, and to not detract from the enjoyment and participation of others. Actions and behaviour that detrimentally affects others may include, but are not limited to: verbal harassment; physical intimidation or violence; intentionally damaging other students' work or preventing other students from participating in the course; oppositional or defiant behaviour or severe emotional outbursts.

If a student is unable to cope with the Bubble Dome classroom environment, their parent or caregiver may be contacted, with the expectation that the student will be collected before the end of the day. In some cases, we may also choose to exclude a student from the remainder of the course. This policy is necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Bubble Dome students and staff.

What if my child has an allergy?

Please notify Bubble Dome (by phone or email) if your child has any allergies prior to the course. To reduce the risk exposure to food allergens, students are required to eat outside of the classroom and are prohibited from sharing food. However, we are not able to guarantee that Bubble Dome venues are completely free of contamination, and we may be unable accommodate students with severe or life-threatening allergies.

What if my child needs to take medication during a Bubble Dome course?

If your child needs to take any medications during a course, please notify Bubble Dome prior to the course and notify your child's tutor at the start of the course. Bubble Dome staff are unable to administer medications to students, and are not responsible for ensuring that students self-administer any medications.

Your child will need to be responsible for any medications that they require during a Bubble Dome course, and may drink water or (from a sipper bottle) or visit the restroom at any time in order to do so. If your child needs to take any medications that they are unable to administer themselves, please notify Bubble Dome prior to the course. Parents and caregivers are welcome to visit students during Bubble Dome courses to administer medications or to deliver personal items (such as food, clothing or items needed for a Bubble Dome course).

What if my child falls ill before or during a Bubble Dome course?

Students will be sent home if they are unwell or have a communicable illness that poses a significant risk to other people. This policy is necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of all Bubble Dome students and staff.

Students should not attend Bubble Dome courses if they experience: vomiting, diarrhea, fever, faintness/exhaustion, severe coughing or sneezing, or any communicable rash or infection (such as measles, chicken pox, boils, lice, scabies or 'school sores'). Unwell students will be sent home at the discretion of Bubble Dome, and will need to be collected promptly by a parent or caregiver.

If your child is unable to attend a course due to an unexpected illness, they will be able to attend the same or similar course in the future. You will receive a credit for all of the days that your child was unable to attend, which may be put towards another Bubble Dome course within twelve months of the course your child was unable to attend.

What time are we supposed to be at the venue on the first day?

Students may arrive from 8:30am onwards, and courses begin at 9:00 am. Please arrive promptly to collect your child, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, as caretakers and property managers need to lock up the venue after 5:00 pm. All students will be fully supervised the whole time.


What happens in the event that a Bubble Dome course or venue changes or is cancelled?

Bubble Dome will endeavour to deliver courses as advertised. However, in the event of an unforeseeable equipment failure or power outage, alternate activities will be provided to students. Bubble Dome will ensure that students are supervised and engaged until such time that scheduled activties may resume. Refunds will not be issued, except in extenuating circumstances.

Bubble Dome courses are conducted in classrooms and computer labs that are rented from schools and other suitable venues. In the event that students are unable to remain at a venue, for reasons beyond Bubble Dome's control (such as an unforseeable and sudden venue closure), Bubble Dome will contact parents and caregivers to collect students prior to the intended end of the course. Refunds may be issued, at the discretion of Bubble Dome.

Bubble Dome courses may be cancelled if an insufficient number of students enroll in a course or unforeseen circumstance with a tutor or the venue itself. We will endeavor to inform you as soon as possible, and we may be able to suggest an alternative course for your child to attend instead.

What is your customer cancellation policy?

For cancellations up to 7 days before the start date then you will be refunded the amount you have already paid towards the course fees, minus a $40.00 processing fee. For cancellations within 7 days of the start date, no refund will be made. No refund will be made for any missed course days due to fixed costs already inured based on student numbers.

If your child is unable to attend a course due to an unexpected illness you will be entitled to a credit on your account for the days they were unable to attend. This credit can be used towards another Bubble Dome course within twelve months of the course your child was unable to attend.

If it is determined that a student needs to be collected early or excluded from the remainder of the course, no refund will be given. If you are unsure if a Bubble Dome course will be suitable for your child, please contact us prior to registration.

We ask that all parents contact us no later than the first day (of our holiday workshops) if they have any problems with our service. We require a detailed written account addressing specific issues of concern. This allows us to immediately address any problems that may arise, so that students and parents can happily continue with the remainder of the full programme. We require that letters are emailed through by 7.30pm so that we have time to respond before the beginning of Day Two.

If a student has fully completed an entire 3-4 day workshop, we operate a No Refund policy. We therefore stress that all complaints or concerns must be sent in writing no later than the first day of each programme.

Thanks for making all the way down! If you still have any questions please call us 0800 438 282 (NZ) or 1800 11 55 62 (AU)


Future Genius is always looking for good talent, have a look at what we are looking for - but feel free to contact us if you are wanting to be a part of our team.


We are looking for individuals with experience in dealing with children to deliver our holiday courses! The courses are running during the school holidays. Bubble Dome offers full lesson plans for the course and provides all necessary resources/materials. The lesson plans make it really easy! Great remuneration!

Prior experience with children is necessary (e.g. education student, registered teacher). Pay rate is dependent on experience. A recent Ministry of Justice Criminal Record Check is required for New Zealand applicants and Working with Children checks are required for any Australian applicants.

We are looking for tutors in the following places:

If you are interested in a position with Bubble Dome, please email your CV with a cover letter to recruitment@bubbledome.com with the subject line 'Holiday Tutor' and your area.


We are currently on the hunt for an administration superstar to intern in our Auckland office. The intern will assist with all aspects of the business from Digital Marketing and Database Management to Office Administration and Event Coordination work.

Please send your CV and a brief cover letter to recruitment@bubbledome.com, Subject Line: Intern. This opportunity is flexible and would suit someone currently studying and looking to gain work experience. Please note that this is not a full time internship.


We also welcome volunteers on our programmes. People who enjoy working with young students and may be looking for work experience in teaching or specialist fields such as animation, programming or coding. Please send your expression of interest to recruitment@bubbledome.com, Subject Line: Volunteer.


Here is just a tiny sample of the incredible testimonials that parents have given us.

  1. Conlan, Parent:

"Last night I asked the kids, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome and 1 being bad, how would they rate the day they spent at the Tekkit course. Without hesitation they both shouted, "10!!". No mother can ask for more than that."

  1. Renshaw, Parent:

"Bubble Dome has fired my daughters imagination from day one. She has continued to grow in imagination and skill as the content has challenged and provided her with a means to express herself"

  1. Niethe, Parent:

"This School Holiday Programme a very good investment in furthering our sons education"

  1. Maron, Parent:

"Over the years...my daughter has found like-minded friends, gained valuable skills, and found the direction she would like to take in her future career. It has been money well spent and we believe her burgeoning knowledge will help her to gain a place at the tertiary institute of her choice"

  1. Stewart, Parent:

"My daughter is on the asperges/adhd spectrum and the Bubble Dome courses have been fantastic for her...she is totally engaged and loves the interaction with the tutors and the social interaction with the otherstudents"

C Mobbs, Parent:

"My children are mid-way through their respective Minecraft courses out of Tintern Grammar in Ringwood East this week. I just wanted to say how much they have both really enjoyed themselves. I found their teacher to be approachable, interested and helpful."


Contact Numbers

Bubble Dome NZ - 0800 438 282 (toll free)

Bubble Dome NZ - 09 634 1990

Bubble Dome AU - 1800 11 55 62

Physical Address

100 Neilson Street, Onehunga